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Through The Wilderness: A Curriculum

A Curriculum for Congregations That Include Persons Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers.  --Anne Simpson

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be a very scary thing as can the navigation of the progress of the disease. Patients are often anxious and unsure of how to express themselves; caregivers are often thrown into a role that they had not anticipated and are unclear how to proceed or what lies ahead.



Anne Simpson, author of Through the Wilderness of Alzheimer’s and experienced Alzheimer’s caregiver has created a curriculum for anyone on a journey with dementia, The curriculum can be used in two formats: a one-day workshop (without patients) or a five-session format that can include patients. Both cover the same material, but patients may be encouraged to share their experiences in the five-session format.

The curriculum deliberately allows time for reflection and includes scripture, poetry, photography and song as ways to enable that reflection. This is meant for groups up to 30 persons.  Includes leader guide and DVD power point presentation. 

Anne Simpson
Huff Publishing Associates, 64 pages, paper back
ISBN 978-0-9895277-0-5    

Each curriculum package includes one leader guide, one copy of the book, Through the Wilderness of Alzheimer’s and one DVD power point presentation for reflection. Additional copies of the book are available for participants and family members for $15.00 each.

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I have published several books, and publishing with Bill Huff was by far the most satisfying book publishing experience I've had. He makes a real effort to balance the author's gifts with the needs of the target audience. His suggestions for product development are well-founded and offered in a dignified manner. His assistance was outstanding at every stage of the process.

Jim Merhaut
Founder and Director, Coaching Connext