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Hello, My Name Is Not Cancer

One Man's Uncensored Look at Life, Death, and Identity by Guy Beck 


In this book the author Challenges the use of labels as they impact one’s identity, encourages readers to confidently be themselves.  190 pages


 Creates a safe place to ask the challenging questions.

Empowers others to be honest through my openness. 

Aids all touched by disease to better find their place as each of us is impacted. 
Communicates in uncensored fashion what it felt like to walk in my shoes. 
Provides a path to peace apart from outcome. 

My Name is Not Cancer provides an inspiring insight into dealing with chronic illness with authenticity and raw emotion. It uncovered many feelings of my own experience as a person dealing with chronic illness, who strives to live life not as a victim but as unencumbered by the reality of illness as possible. Kudos to Mr. Beck for having the ability to reveal very human feelings mixed with faith, fortitude, and resilience, while living in the reality of our everyday world.  - My Name is Joanne Metoyer 

This is a candid, down-to-basics account of Guy’s (Mr. Beck’s) journey through prostate cancer—its diagnosis, treatment, and follow up. You’ll feel the emotional highs and lows, the mental fatigue, and the invasive physical trauma that produced ground for ultimate blessing. A must read! - Dr. Priscilla Page-McCuistion, Counselor/therapist in private practice  

About the Author

So who am I? I can tell you what I’ve done: I’ve been a cabinetmaker, dental technician, and supervisor for a Public Works facility. But who am I really? In my search to know this I can tell you I attained three college degrees, culminating with a Master of Divinity from Northern Seminary. But, disease cares little about these things. Instead, I offer that I am just a Guy in the act of living! I have been blessed by my wife Liz of 27 years and counting and our son Dan. Together we live in Naperville, IL, and share our lives with many dear friends.

ISBN: 978-1-933794-57-0
190 Pages
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 


I have published several books, and publishing with Bill Huff was by far the most satisfying book publishing experience I've had. He makes a real effort to balance the author's gifts with the needs of the target audience. His suggestions for product development are well-founded and offered in a dignified manner. His assistance was outstanding at every stage of the process.

Jim Merhaut
Founder and Director, Coaching Connext