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Every Morning New

Authors, Herbert and Corinne Chilstrom 


368 pages

From earliest childhood, both Corinne and Herb Chilstrom remember being part of families where Bible reading and prayers were an integral part of daily life. 

In Corinne’s home it was a breakfast ritual, with parents and five children each taking their turn to read a text and lead the family in morning prayers. Herb’s family lived with his grandparents for some time in his early childhood during the Great Depression.He recalls his maternal grandmother rising from her chair after the evening meal, reaching for her Swedish Bible, and reading the lessons and prayers for the day.

For both Corinne and Herb, these were holy moments, pauses to bring the presence of God into the flow of daily life. It was natural for Herb and Corinne to make Bible reading, reflection, and prayer part of their daily breakfast routine from the day they were married until now, 58 years later, when both have crossed into their 80s. This practice of devotional regeneration is as important to them as every other part of the day.

The Bible readings and reflections in this book are written with the firm hope that they will bring moments of renewal to each reader and listener. Jesus said that we cannot “live by bread alone.” Christ himself is the Bread of Life. The Bible is the place where we meet him. 

Corinne and Herb encourage you to take time for God each morning. They hope that these daily Bible readings and reflections will bless you:

  • Opening you to receive God’s love and peace,
  • Sending you forth in joyful witness and service,

ISBN: 978-0-9676573-2-5
5.5" X 8.5" 

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