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Gratitude Journal


Jim Merhaut

 68 pages

Many Lives have been transformed through the regular practice of gratitude journaling. This simple and powerful Gratitude Journal can be your key to a renewed appreciation for the life and the people who fill your days. The next forty days may be the most surprising and rewarding time of your life. Blessings on your journey! 

Jim Merhaut, the founder of Spiritual Help for You, is a ministry consultant, writer, teacher, and relationship coach. He holds a Master of Science degree in Religious Education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. He is an author and co-author of several books and dozens of other publications. He was the principal writer and project coordinator for Families on a Mission: A Family Service and Mission Experience published by the Center for Ministry Development. Jim is a 26-year veteran in Church ministry having worked on the local, regional and national levels in the areas of educational and spiritual formation. Jim has offered keynotes, retreats and workshops around the country, specializing in family spirituality, lifelong faith formation, and ministry leadership. Along with his publishing and speaking ministries, he offers coaching services to ministry teams and married couples. On the side, he is a professional musician and recording artist with JD Eicher and the Goodnights. Jim and his wife, Debbie, have five children and reside in Ohio where they enjoy vegetable gardening, raising small livestock, and pursuing a simple lifestyle. 

5 x 7
68 pages
ISBN: 978-0615-43674-6

I have published several books, and publishing with Bill Huff was by far the most satisfying book publishing experience I've had. He makes a real effort to balance the author's gifts with the needs of the target audience. His suggestions for product development are well-founded and offered in a dignified manner. His assistance was outstanding at every stage of the process.

Jim Merhaut
Founder and Director, Coaching Connext