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Transformative Mission TripsJann Treadwell

 134 page

Unbound explores the "how to’s” of mission trips. The purpose of this book is to encourage and inspire other adults, both lay-folks and professionals from any faith-based group, to plan mission trips for the youth with whom they work.

Unbound: The Transformative Power of Youth Mission Trips, explores such trips through the lens of the Lazarus story in John 11 where we will learn that ministry is about unbinding one another and freeing each other from prejudices and narrow life experiences to become all God intends us to be. We find that in the process of unbinding others, that we become the ones who are unbound by the recipients of our care.

There is a Resource Section that includes samples for an evening worship/Bible study/discussion time, a budget worksheet, a recipe for an easy supper after the first day of work, a “chores chart,” and a basic shopping list. Those who purchase the book will be given access to these resources as Word documents so that the files can be edited and adapted for their own use.


Jann Treadwell is a retired certified Christian educator in the Presbyterian Church (USA). After graduating in 1988 from Perkins School of Theology with a Master of Religious Education, she served at two Presbyterian churches in the Dallas, Texas area over a 22 year period as Director of Christian Education. For six years she was on the denomination’s Educator Certification Council and was selected by the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators as their 2010 Educator of the Year. Youth mission trips have been her passion. 

She and husband John have two sons, two daughters-in-law and two grandchildren. 


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