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Marketing Books

Tips for Marketing your books

  1. Send Review Copies to all the journals and magazines that review books on your subject matter.
  2. Get Friends and colleagues--or anyone who likes your book to post a review on Amazon. Amazon is highly influential and the reviews matter.
  3. Create a web page for your book. Feature the title, encourage links, and place testimonials. Also, be sure to let people know where they can buy the book.
  4. Provide sample chapters from your book as free downloads. Take your best stuff and make a PDF file and offer it free.
  5. Start a blog. Encourage people to subscribe to it and be sure to add new and interesting content related to the book ideas. Give them value!
  6. Give copies away to the right people. Encourage them to pass it on. 

Tips for Marketing your books at Events

  1. When you are speaking at an event or workshop, make sure the organizer knows you have published a book.
  2. Let them know you would like to sell your book at the event. Think about incorporating this into your agreement with them.
  3. Work with your contact to be sure your books are shipped to the event. Display the books if possible.
  4. While at the event, make yourself available for interviews at the event or through local media outlets.
  5. Host workshops and discussion groups during break out sessions
  6. Create a hand out to give to the audience. Be sure top include your name, book title, website and order information.
  7. Always bring some extra books. Offer free books when you think it makes sense.