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HPA Wholesale and Store Distribution Services

Wholesale Distribution 
When you use HPA book distribution your book's title data and cover image are uploaded to thousands of domestic and worldwide Christian and secular retailers. Wherever your readers are, they should be able to find information on your title. (However, please note this does not guarantee your book will be in every bookstore. Rather, if a bookstore or other store requests your book, we make sure it is available for sale in their system. Therefore, creating demand for you book is essential for bookstore sales.)
Fee structures very in the wholesale market. Depending on the account, for example, Amazon verses local brick and mortar store, and the volume of books sold, the wholesale discount rates typically various from 35% to 55% off the retail price. 
  1. Access and distribution through, and other major online distributors.
  2. Access to thousands of bookstores 
  3. Placement in bookstore catalogs 
  4. ISBN number, barcode
  5. Shipping and handling
  6. Reporting and payments of sales through distribution channels noted above. Reports and payments specifically reflect these discounts and will be reported to you as net sales (a deduction of discounts, fees plus returns). 
  7. Monthly storage of remaining inventory up to one year of signature of this contract. (Renewable after one year.)
Direct to Consumer through HPA Website
You can also direct your customers to order from HPA directly. This will increase your royalty payments dramatically as there are no whole discounts required. 
These services include: 
  1. Secure online sales of book from HPA website order page
  2. Shipping and handling*
  3. Reports and Royalty Payouts
  4. Credit card processing 
  5. Promotion through HPA social media sites
  6. Drop shipping services 
  7. Storage
*Shipping and handling fees are charged to the customer.