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Editorial and Design Services

Content Editing

Content editing is part of the process of making changes to a manuscript. In addition to editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc., content editing involves an evaluation of the content, flow, voice, and presentation of the writing as well as adherence to style and guidelines.

Your specific HPA content editor will be matched up with you based on the type of manuscript you submit. Our editors will provide you with a comprehensive editorial review of your manuscript and will have guided conversations with you to clarify any suggested changes, recommendations, concerns, or questions. After the first round of revisions, editors will provide notes to author indicating areas of remaining concern and suggestions for improvement.

The content editor will then do a second review of the manuscript following revisions to the first edit. Our editorial team will always pay attention to the intended readership and purpose of the manuscript.

Finally, the editor will provide a review the final manuscript after the manuscript has been formatted/typeset, just before the book goes to press. At this point, the editor will make any final correction on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

Copy Editing and Proof Reading

Copy-editing makes no more changes than necessary to conform to standard spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and consistency. Proofreading takes place after the manuscript preparation process has been completed and the text has been typeset.

Type Setting

Type setting is the act of creating print that appears correctly on a printed page. This includes ensuring that print is legible and correctly formatted. Typesetting is performed using software that adjusts elements such as size, font, spacing and pagination.

Professional Cover and Interior Design

HPA offers highly designed original book covers. Our professional designers will work with you to get a complete briefing as to what the covers should convey. As an author you will receive at least two completely original design concepts. Through a concept refining process the designers will work with you to develop the final cover concepts.

For the reader to have a great experience reading your book, interior design is a critical factor that helps the reader engage in the story. As with the cover, HPA will offer two interior design options utilizing the best fonts, spacing, styles and continuity with the cover design.